29 Jul

Well hi there folks we have survived the move only just....we are now in Lincolnshire and getting sorted.

Lots of rubbish to get rid of ( just didn’t realise how much stuff you accumulate over the years and most of it is rubbish so a good old fashioned sort out is now on the cards.) 

The dogs and horses all made is safely here Ruby and her Foal Easter have been sold and are now living with a lovely family where the children love the foal and spoil Ruby too. 

What a story it turned out to be, horses wouldn’t load onto horse box, having to find a courier to transport all my dogs in one go, many many trips with the hire van, and the hire van breaking down fully loaded, turned into a nightmare, it was a 500 mile round trip and we did this trip every day for 2 weeks even the army would have had trouble with the logistics of our move.

we are now beginning to adjust to our new home, smaller fields, smaller everything but at least its a better place than we had. On a very sad note last week we sadly lost Soda (Caprioara Grey Owl) Barry's dog. Brother to Ruby, Pearl, Zeus, Badger and Sunni , only Pearl and Zeus left now. He was 11 and died of the heat and probably of the stress of moving , he is buried in a quiet patch which will be turned into a resting place for all our pets, where I can put all my ashes of my past animals, it has a 2ft high black fence around it and will have name plates and headstone and flowers added, a place to reflect and remember happier times I will add pics and those will be in a future news item. Soda will be added to our Fields of Gold page.

On a lighter note we went to a Champ show at Leeds where in the smooth collies Diablo was placed 2nd and so gained his qualification for Crufts 2022 so off too Crufts he will go, Angel our Blue smooth girl was placed 4th in her puppy class this was her first ever show she hasn’t ever been off the farm before so was pleased with that she just missed out on a Crufts qualifier better luck next time. In the rough collies Aslan was placed 5th in Limit and that was a good quality class so one again was pleased with that, and Georgie had a great day enjoying being around other collie owners. 

We have a show this Sunday 1st Aug so see how we do this time

We have a litter of rough collie pups only 3 tri boys left so if anyone out there is interested please get in touch. 

We also have 2 new additions to our collie family more on them at a later date so please watch this space (pics to follow) There will now be an added section in the top bar called introducing O'mordha as we here are now Caprioara/O'mordha collies.

Well peeps looks like that’s all for now, hope your all well and that your enjoy this web site, hope its full of new stuff for you please can I ask that you give us some feed back on this site. Do you like it? Is it interesting ? have you learned anything from it ? will you visit this site again? Do you like the news items? It means a lot for us to see what you think.

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